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click to schedule your introductory lessonPrivate piano lessons at Bellevue School of Music are given by a highly educated and professional staff. Instructors are selected by owner Robert H. Wilson, who relies on his extremely successful background of over twenty-five years’ in music education to bring you teachers with the finest training and temperament, ensuring a rich and rewarding experience for students of all ages. Piano lessons present the facets of playing in a step by step approach appropriate to each age group and skill level; lessons incorporate proper finger technique, note reading, music theory and rhythm while introducing standard piano repertoire. The thoughtfully laid out lessons provide clear concepts along with precise exercises to master each skill ensuring students build upon their successes each week. Students from 5 years old through adult, beginner to advanced, Bellevue School of Music piano lessons offer a high quality and thorough education that helps students excel.

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Enriching student’s lives

A quality music education has far reaching impact on student’s lives. The act of mastering the keys, learning to hear tonal organization, integrating multiple forms of learning, all have positive effects on the brain for young and old alike. Problem solving, breaking the complexities of playing into small and easily manageable portions, enhances skills that serve us in all capacities. Students with successful high school music careers have a significant advantage when it’s time to submit college applications, their supplemental arts application sets them apart and demonstrates their ability to accomplish their goals—relied on heavily by college admissions. The study of music is a never ending journey which enriches student’s lives far beyond their ability to play.

Piano students are encouraged to perform

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Piano Recital

Piano students are encouraged to perform in order to develop their talents and mature into confident artists. Performance is an essential element in motivating students to master their lessons and grow into accomplished musicians; each occasion presents a set goal which students work towards, inspiring them to improve on their abilities. Bellevue School of Music holds semiannual recitals offering students a relaxed and supportive environment, more advanced students are urged to take advantage of the many opportunities the Greater Seattle Area presents: the Seattle Young Artist Music Festival, Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside, Bellevue Music Club (local chapter of the National Federation of Music Clubs) and Washington Music Educators Association regional and state festivals. Performance is the essence of music and Bellevue School of Music offers every student the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

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The benefits of piano lessons at Bellevue School of Music are many and far reaching. School age students have the opportunity to develop advanced skills for a successful high school career, setting the stage for future success. All Students learn the most efficient techniques to make playing easy and enjoyable. Avoid the frustrations that impede learning and progress rapidly to playing music and appreciating a rewarding past time. Schedule your introductory lesson today.